NCTN Services


NCTN Banks will contact approved investigators prior to shipping biospecimens. IATA shipping requirements are followed for all biospecimen shipments.

Quality Assurance

All NCTN Banks have developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) to measure and document their ability to plan, execute, track receipt, processing, storage, review, distribution, and usage of stored biospecimens.

Biohazard & Infectious Control

The NCTN Banks are concerned with preventing accidental exposure to infectious agents by research personnel who work with human tissues. All investigators must agree to assume full responsibility for informing and training their personnel in methods for safe handling of body fluids and other human tissues and their derivatives. General information and procedures for handling human tissues and body fluids used in research can be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Biosafety website.

Other Potential Services

Please refer to the respective NCTN Bank to inquire about potential services that may be provided

Potential services include: