About NCTN Banks Legacy Biospecimens

The NCTN Banks collect biospecimens from NCTN clinical trials. What is collected varies with the types of cancer targeted by the NCTN Group and the specific clinical trial protocol. Biospecimens that remain in excess after clinical trial requirements have been met become legacy specimens. The biospecimens are collected under standardized and carefully controlled conditions to assure their highest quality. Because the biospecimens are collected during a clinical trial, they are highly annotated and obtained from subjects who have been diagnosed, staged, and treated in a uniform fashion. As such, NCTN Banks biospecimens are exceptionally valuable and access is limited to projects of high scientific merit and relevance to cancer research. The protocols under which the specimens have been collected can be accessed on ClinicalTrials.gov.

Biospecimen Types

The organ site and type of biospecimens collected vary based on the scientific goals of the trial.

Some examples of banked biospecimen types may include:

Protocol-specific information for NCTN clinical trials under which biospecimens were collected can be found at ClinicalTrials.gov.