Due to the considerable value of biospecimens annotated with clinical outcome data, funding to access these specimens must be available and committed to the proposal before biospecimens can be distributed. If funding is not available at the time the proposal is approved, funding should be obtained within twelve months after approval.

Material Use Agreement and Intellectual Property Rights

Prior to release of specimens, a signed MUA document with the NCTN Bank is required. Negotiation of intellectual property rights resides with the Protocol PI.


Review by the IRB at the site where the research will be conducted as well as by any collaborator IRBs, as deemed appropriate, are required prior to release of biospecimens.

Statistical Analyses

Correlative analysis of assay results with the clinical data may be conducted by investigator/investigator's team or the Statistics and Data Management Center (SDMC) of the lead NCTN Group or their designee. Exceptions may be made when highly complex analyses are required, e.g., in cases of genetic or epigenetic profiling.

Authorship and Publications

Negotiation of authorship and publications pertaining to use of NCTN Banks legacy biospecimens resides with the protocol PI. Material Use Agreements must be in place with the Protocol PI and the recipient investigator prior to release of biospecimens/clinical data.

Communication with NCTN Bank

Direct communication between the NCTN Bank(s) and the recipient is strongly encouraged. This communication can be either through email or telephone. Appropriate contact information for each NCTN Bank can be found on the Contacts page.