About Biospecimen Access

The NCTN Banks promote access to their biospecimens by the scientific community. Membership in an NCTN Group is not necessary for access to NCTN Banks biospecimens.

Some NCTN Bank legacy biospecimen inventories can be found at NCTN Navigator (https://navigator.ctsu.org/navigator/login). For specimens that cannot be found in NCTN Navigator and/or for more details on biospecimen features or availability, contact the individual NCTN Bank via the contact information on the Contacts page of this website.

To apply for access to biospecimens of interest, please contact the respective NCTN Group directly by email for Group-specific application forms and/or submit a NCTN-CCSC Proposal Submission Form [DOC | 200 KB].

Requesting NCTN Biospecimens through NCI’s NCTN Navigator

Since the launch of NCI's NCTN Navigator on April 2, 2018, requests for biospecimens from several NCTN clinical trials must be submitted through Navigator. Please refer to the Navigator website (https://navigator.ctsu.org/) for additional details, a list of available trials, and/or to begin the biospecimen request process. The Navigator Front Door Service (navigatorcontact@imsweb.com) is available to address any further questions or concerns regarding Navigator.